• ((Hiya guys I'm Universe ..and I know this is my 4/5 time recreating my account SHUT UP DX))
    Midnight <----Main OC
    Dreamer <----- Third OC
    Soul <----- my favorite person to play as XD/secondary
    Galax <----Taken by Morgan
    Wolf Midnight: <--- Taken by the beloved...Mystery Wolf ;D
    Star <---- loves BEN :33333
    Sunset <--- the cool one
    Demon Midnight <-------- the senpai of the bunch
    Luke <------ The adorable smol bean :3
    Galaxy <------- she's back
    We are rising to the top my Homies >:3
    Josh.... :)
    Mystery Wolf <----- SHOUTOUT!!!
    Neomon Drake
    Bri aka: the demon of love ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    No Name :D <---- Square up if you don't like it XD
    Sienna :33333333
    Questions for Midnight:
    Are you taken?
    Yes by Mystery.
    What type of Vampire are you?
    I like to think of myself as an immortal Vampire.....
    Who's your favorite Homie?
    Slay/Josh/Phantom! I will not pick favorites XD
    Do you have a crush on Slay?
    *blushes* NO!
    will you bite me?
    I'll keep my fangs to myself....
    Do you like helping people?
    do you feel as if people care about you?
    N-not really.....sometimes....
    Okay that's it! Goodbye
    *bites and sucks your blood* yummmm
    Dreamer X Phantom
    Midnight X Mystery
    Soul X Mist!
    Galaxy X Elana
    Morgan X Galax
    Wolf Midnight X Mystery Wolf
    Human Midnight X Josh
    Human Dreamer X Human Phantom
    About me!:
    My Discord account is (MidnightAnimations#6894) so please add me! we can chat and stuff.... (mostly for Ultra and Mystery Wolf but anybody on my Homies list can contact me!!
    I do not have Snapchat and I'm not planning on getting it!
    I downloaded this so I can animate stuff
    I love listening to any type of music that can give you inspiration.... (Wolf in sheep's clothing) (IDFC) (Don't tattle on me) (I Spy) (Selfish) (ECT)
    I am also a therapist so talk to me if anything!
    That's about it kiddo...BAII
    GOD died for us, therefore he loves us, ALL of us :D
    It was a dark and stormy night, Midnight was running with the now dead Soul in his arms, 'Why did he hang himself WHY?' Midnight thought as he looked down at Souls neck, it was red and swollen, Tears grew in Midnights eyes, he finally stopped running at the edge of a forest where the Siblings use to cause trouble in, 'this is a good spot I guess...' Midnight thought again as he started to bury his Brothers lifeless body, when he finally finished however he felt watched...when he turned around he saw a black Wolf and...Regret...Midnight now had tears rolling down his cheeks as the dog jumped up and bit his face off...
    "Our mission is accomplished" Regret said as he called his dog and dissappeared, leaving Mid there...faceless and rotting...all the siblings had died...so Regret had sent them to earth has immortal Vampires...their curse that they have to live with...forever.

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