Lloyd the wolf


  • Hello! Im Lloyd the wolf. My Ocs are: blue, bluelight, lucy, spot, mistic, Rainbow, goldenwing, galaxy, drago, frosty and angel
    Q & A
    Q: do u hv brothers or sisters?
    A: yes. A brother.
    Q: do u have crush
    A: umm... why u ask that?... *blushes*
    Q: do u have many friends?
    A: no.....
    Q: what Ocs do u have?
    A: Rainbow, angel, Lucy, blue, bluelight, drago, goldenwing, spot, mistic, galaxy, frosty
    Sex: gay DONT JUDGE
    Age: 15
    Friends: none...
    Followers: 36 rn
    Crush: lilacc

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