☯︎ ⧫ - ṃʏṭһıċѧʟ ✱ ṡṭȏяṃʏ - ⧫ ☯︎


  • Hewwo! It's Stormy! I am warning you, you are being watched >:3 I'm just a person that tries to live thru life ✧*。٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧*。 If ya wanna be meh friend, then I will gladly accept! Before any of dat, you must know a bit of meh!!!


    Real name: Kevin Nguyen
    Age: 12
    Birthday ´∀`: 2005 February 22nd
    Languages I know;
    A bit of Spanish
    Languages I wished i know;
    Wingding (Gaster :D)
    Senpai: Tina Ngo ( ´//∀//`)
    Grade: 6th Grade :D
    Bonus fact: I like to be alone at certains times


    Alright, now who wants to know meh oc??
    Oc: Stormy Uchimaki
    Personality: Likes to explore, kind and merciful, doesn't hate anything :D
    Senpai: Tina Hyuga
    From the hidden star, moved to le hidden leaf.
    More info soon


    Then here comes mah oc's brother
    Stormy's brother oc: Red Uchimaki
    Personality: used to be depressed, now happy, trains in spare time, and plays with fire.
    Senpai: Doesn't have one yet? (wants one)
    From hidden star, followed Stormy when Stormy ish 4 (Red was 9) to hidden leaf.
    Single pringle ;-;


    Funimate: StormyReborns
    AJ play wild user; PhantoBlaze
    Animal Jam: StormyDaJammer
    Roblox user: kevintnguyen2005
    Minecraft user: Kevintnguyen2005
    Musical.ly: StormyDaHumanFox
    Youtube: Stormy Da Fox



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