• Hello! I am infinity I believe we as society can change we are blinded by judgement and we must break free. If you will stand as one in the name of goodness maybe just maybe we can slowly being the world to peace once more and become the people we are meant to be you see when a baby cries thy cry too no matter the skin color, culture, or disease. But when one of our own people adults teens or any other age old enough cries we call them soft we call them weak instead of building them up we break them down. That is worse than murder that' is destroying the mental state that is the ultimate crime. Not all of us is like this but most of us are. Please if you will stand with me to rise up against this crime we committed we maybe just maybe might make a difference. God Bless You.My YouTube channel is infinity the spirit of misery my name is that because I'm trying to take away the misery and burn it remember. BURN THE BAD ViBeS

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