Mystery Wolf


  • Hello!
    Im Mystery Wolf, but my name is Lokie so you can call me either or idc. . .
    I have a soul like every one else. . .mine is a mixture of colors,
    My crush: Wolf Midnight
    My best friend: Jordanlovescats! <<SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO JORDANLOVESCATS!!!>>
    My age: 18 (on here)
    Gender: female
    Siblings: 0 (on here) 3 (irl)
    I can easily get flattered
    I easily blush
    I suck at animating and drawing
    I have Depression but i dont tend to show it
    My fav song: Tear in My Heart
    Things i love: food, the dark, pain, sorrow, blood, gore, self harm and wolf midnight. . .dont judge me
    Things i hate: collars, haters, and cringe

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