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  • Léllo!
    I am ✦☾⁀(A s t r a)⁀☽✦
    You can call me: Astra, Solar, Astra-Solar (full name), Swerp, Ukaine, Sopari, Oreo, Bubbles,Galaxy Rush but only my family, friend and senpai can call me whatever they want to!
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Leader of the Fluffy clouds!

    Leader of the Oreo's!

    Leader of the Marshmallows!

    Leader of the Galaxy!

    Leader of the Bubble Tea!

    Leader of the Storm Wolves!

    Leader of the Paper Bags!

    Leader of the Cardboard Boxs!

    Leader of the Darkness!

    Leader of the Dusk!

    Leader of the Night!

    Leader of the Coldness!

    Leader of the Snow!

    Leader of the Winter!

    Leader of this Account!

    Species: Cloudy fennec fox
    【God of all/shapeshifter】
    Waifu: ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇【$¶A®K】▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

    Senpai: ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇【$¶A®K】▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

    Crush: ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇【$¶A®K】▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
    ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇【$¶A®K】▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ oh you are the world to me! You were the from the day I began! I knew we were destined to be! You are so cute when I look at you! When you blush you just look so cute! When you smile it makes me tingle in a good way! I live you so much! You are my galaxy! You are my light when I'm in the dark! Oh how I love you!
    Polish;Russian;Japanese; German;Swedish;Lithuanian
    Lé friends: all lé followers

    Best Lé friends: Zizex, Spark, sleepy KinQ, Haruto-San, rainby the berrycat, Kawaii Rainbow Rush, Ticky, gunner, Felina, frappe, Approx, Pink Pya, Lunar The Fox , Gannon, Finch, Bramble Leaf, Liza A Liza, Susie, Lovate, Midnight Cat, Blue_Flame, CookiexKittydog :3, MajesticPotatoes (DestinyTheAutumn), Tick & Moon
    Lé Homies b000iii!

    Yo she da best wife! I luv her soo much! She was my friend at the start then we became so close and then best friends and look at us now! We're married boi! ILYSM! *kisses* UwU she da best!

    We are the weirdest ppl when we come in contact! It's fun to be around her, she understands you and we are the leaders of two Gumball server on discord! We worship gumball together! You couldn't ask for a better friend or sister! You da best sis!

    Like wtf, lmao when we're around each other unexplainable things happen! On discord we like the meme bit in my server The One Tru Woomy, we always do it for some reason, lol (Pls spank @Ferra) lmao! And that talk on discord tho it was funny, I'm sorry but ye she is da best

    She is the best we talk a lot to each other on discord, I couldn't ask for a better friend then her and ik we've had our ups and wins but we're still besties!

    Spark, Zizex, Ferra & Monika:
    Lé family:
    Spark (wife)
    Gannon (brother)
    Moon (zizex) (sister)
    Lovate (sister)
    Mang (sister)
    Lexi (sister in law)
    Ferra (sister)
    Liza A Liza (star child)
    $leepy KinQ (brother)
    Zigo (brother)
    Susie (sister)
    Fireball (brother)
    Snowball (fireball bf)
    Bon bon (sister)
    Watercup (Bon bon bf)
    Bubble (sister)
    Ice (Bubble bf)
    Storm (sister)
    Candy (sister in law)
    Button (sister)
    Walter (Button bf)
    Feather (sister)
    Tweetie (Feather bf)
    Rainby (sister in law)
    Icing Crystal (sister in law)
    Melody (sister in law)
    Autumn (sister in law)
    Mini Chan (sister in law)
    Approx (niece)
    Lunar The Fox (niece)
    Lloyd (brother in law)
    поэтому мне 11 лет, а мой день рождения 27 ноября, и я, очевидно, в этом году, я родился в 2006 году. Я русский и польский, и я могу говорить на нескольких разных языках, и у меня есть русский друг здесь. Оливер (♢ ◈ + gℓī †† зɹ ஐ ◇. × ☆ & ♥ ╰◣Øℓ_∨℮ г◢╯ ♬'ω'), и мы иногда разговариваем по-русски друг с другом, и мне нравятся кошки и собаки. Я нахожусь в нескольких фандомах, таких как: FURRY, FNaF, BatIM, Cuphead & Это Боб (это русская вещь, посмотрите на это!) Я думаю, что только мои русские зрители / друзья могут это понять, но если вы хотите, вы можете перевести! ok bai, я отказываюсь от своего описания! k bai! серьезно! уходи! перестаньте читать! это крик! AF! чувак! stooop! ок прекрати! Я сейчас серьезно! Все равно! Прощай
    so I'm 11 and my birthday is on November 27 and I'm 12 obviously this year I was born 2006 I am Russian and polish and I can speak a couple of different languages and I have a Russian friend on here Oliver (♢◈+gℓī††зɹஐ◇.×☆ &♥╰◣Øℓ_∨℮ г◢╯♬ˋωˊ) and we sometimes talk in Russian to each other and I like cats and dogs I am in a couple of fandoms like: FURRY, FNaF, BatIM, Cuphead & This is Bob (it's a Russian thing look it up on yt!) I think only my Russian viewers/ friends can understand this but if you want you can translate! ok bai, I give up on my description! k bai! for real! go away! stop reading! it's cring! AF! dude! stooop! ok stop! I'm being serious now! ugh whatever! good bye
    ◎ Im a meme ◎

    ◎ A dank meme ◎

    ◎ Furry ◎

    ◎ Furryshit ◎
    Astra's Q & A
    Q. How old are you?
    A. I'm not actually 12 *sighs* I'm 11...
    Q. What's your favour game to play?
    Q. What's your real name?
    A. Ashley
    Q. How many frens do you have irl?
    A. 19
    Q. When your actual birthday?
    A. Fine... it's 27 November 2006 (I'm young ok...)
    Q. Who's your crush?
    A. Duh isn't it obvs its Spark
    Q. Who are you with on Animemaker?
    A. OH MY GAWD! It's the best person I've met! Spark!
    Q. This is related to splatoon and splatoon 2, which squid sister and oof the hook memeber do you like the most?
    A. I like all of the but mainly Callie and Marina idk why but Octo expansion brought so much more for pearl and Marina and the single player brought a lot more for Callie and Marie then just the new they did back in splatoon (I could go on and on about this subject)
    Q. Can I have a hug?
    A. Obvs *hugs*
    Q. Do like cookies?
    A. Oh yesh
    Q. What's the best candy?ever?
    A. Duhh Swedish fish, bish
    Q. Do you have a yt channel, and if so what's the name of it?
    A. Yes I do have a yt channel! My name is: Swerp the floof ball
    Q. Can I go now?
    A. Yesh! Go! Go away! Stop reading! Pls, this bad! *smack forhead* I've got a big forehead to slap ya know (jacksfilms forehead joke, go watch him and his series YIAY on yt now!)! K bye... *sighs* I give up now...
    Swerp's Q & A
    Q. how old are you?
    A. 13 (she stays like that I guess)
    Q. do you have any friends?
    A. obvs!
    Q. Who's your family?
    A. I'll name some... so there's: Lunar (sister), Ferra (sister) Spark ( fiancé) and Monika (sister in law)
    Q. Do you play games and if so what are they?
    A. well... I have a Nintendo Switch and I play a lot of Splatoon 2 (835 hours) Minecraft (195 hours) and that's probably it... heh
    Q. what's your catchphrase
    A. heh
    Q. who's your senpai?
    A. ... -//3//- Spark
    Q. where are you from?
    A. If we are talking literally then Swerpine (my planet)
    Q. what languages can you speak?
    A. English 100%, Russian 100%, Polish 100% (mostly same as Ashley/Astra lol)
    Q. can I have a cookie?
    A. Sure...? eheh lemme see if we have any *rumbles through stuff in kitchen) Oh the last Cloud Cookie! Here take it *gives it to you*
    Q. we done yet?
    A. rude! and yes!
    Here is the planet Swerp lives on Serpine and the swerpians live there!
    Here's a story of Swerp!
    Swerp was your normal little fennec fox, but her owner one day was driving to work with her and there was a fatal accident and it left Swerp unconscious but her owner was ok. But what her owner didn't know what that she crashed into acid and Swerp fell right into it and grew into an anthropomorphic fennec fox and she still had her white fur but she had purple and blue hair... (that's all for now... until I think of more =_=)
    Discord: Prismic Silence#1335
    My planet is Astra Solar!
    See you in Astra Solar!

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