• Hi I’m CinnamonBun! I’m a arctic fox.

    Q: What’s your full name?
    A: Adrianna Isabelle Miller
    Q: How old are you?
    A: I’m 10
    Q: What gender are you, and are you lesbian or gay?
    A: I’m pansexual (means I like both genders). and I’m female.
    Q; Do you have any siblings?
    A: Yes I have a brother and a sister (both older)
    Q; Do you have a lover?
    A: no :c
    Q: Do you have any rp family?
    A: Yes, I have a sister named CinnamonCherry on this app.
    Q: Do you have a crush on anyone?
    A: I have a crush on 2 ppl.
    Q: Am I starting to annoy you?
    A: Yes, a little.
    Q: Okay just 5 more questions.
    A: Lettem rip.
    Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?
    A: Yes, Cereal Ü.
    Q: Can I make fan art for you, and can you make some for me?
    A: Sure, and just give a detailed drawing of your Oc.
    Q: Who do you ship on this app?
    A: i ship, Rowa and Skittlez.
    Q: What’s your favorite hobbies?
    A: I like to play ROBLOX ( Dreaming_Anna)
    I like to watch YouTube, and draw on this app!
    Q: Do you like vegetables? And what’s your favorite subject in school?
    A: No, I only like potatoes but that’s a starch, green beans...and my favorite subject is lunch and recess.

    | My Oc’s ♡ |

    Bun Bun |bisexual|
    Rainer |bisexual|
    Becka (step mom)
    Lunar. | bisexual|
    Yokeye. | pansexual|
    Mela. :pony
    Lola : pony
    CHIBI Bun Bun (CinnamonBun)
    Anna. (Me)
    Demon Bun Bun (CinnamonBun)
    Jam (Maple‘s sister / CinnamonCherry’s Oc
    Tanlyer ( Lunar and Charlie’s son)
    Deva. ( CinnamonCherry owns her sister and brother.)
    Rain. (Weather Oc)
    Newmi ( Bun Bun’s pet)
    ∧_∧ SWIGGITY
      ( ・∀・)
     ⊂ ⊂ )
       ( ( ( 

      ( ・∀・)
       ( U つ
       ) ) )
    ( ・∀・)
    ⊂_へ つ
    彡 (_)

    (っ /
    For that
    ⊂(・_・ )
     ヽ ⊂二/

    /        \
    |  ●    ● |
    \  _____________
    I L
    I Li
    I Lik
    I Like
    I Like G
    I Like Go
    I Like Goo
    I Like Good
    I Like Good M
    I Like Good Me
    I Like Good Mem
    I Like Good Meme
    I like Good Memes
    I Like Good Meme
    I Like Good Mem
    I Like Good Me
    I Like Good M
    I Like Good
    I Like Goo
    I Like Go
    I Like G
    I Like
    I Lik
    I Li
    I L

    ROBLOX: Dreaming_Anna
    Snapchat: aimiller24
    Follow: CinnamonCherry (my sis) Alex_IDC
    YouTube: Cereal Ü

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