• Hi. I'm Evee and I love COCO PUFFS AND PEBBLES. You can ship me, but in ur opinion :3 And do you know why I have similar traits with the Pokemon Eevee? Just guess lol. My "human-ish" family is basically creepy pasta chr's and horror vid games, that's why I ran away, my HUMAN HUMAN family...I don't want to talk about, and I am from Undertale so yeh. I like to watch Eddsworld, not a love fangirl, and I love video games :P That's why I have a phone that way I can play more REAL GAMES...Also I'm still single and lonely -_-❤️Stay Determined To Make More Animations!❤️ Have a Good Day :3 Samantha is the Bad side of me person thingyish. My Roblox account is Kittendreemurrgirl, and my YT channel name is "Kittendreemurrgirl The Soon Animator?!", my BFF stole my camera for her mom long ago so yeah :P. And I have no confidence to animate anything so I haven't posted anything yet, I want to draw like Wolfychu.
    Crushes:####,Red, and ######(Whoever's name is not in # means I told them)
    Also I'm a Funnus!!!

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