• Hello Friends!!!
    My name is Stroodlesanddoodles but you s can call me stroo or doodles idk it doesn't matter
    My real name is ....
    That's not important :)
    Look up my old account it's there..
    I used to have an account 2 years ago it was called babytotoro...
    So yea I don't remember the information but oh well
    I'm not upset at all just lost a lot of friends :') but it's ok because I'm here to make more yay...
    Ok so a few things about me...
    i am a grill..
    And a short description of me would be; basically I am smol bean with glasses and short hair...ok medium but shorter than what I had..
    That's accurate..Just sayin..
    So uh yea..
    And I am a huge nerd..
    And I play video games and read some manga and watch anime..
    My birth day is August 31 and I was born in 2005
    {Just do the math..}
    I am a single Pringle.. So lonely.. ●^●
    I have a roblox account if you want to add me!!
    It's name is Sprinkley_Cupquake
    And I play overwatch that's cool
    My accounts name is Killemez.. but i dont know my blizzard id so..i might update that when i learn it..idk maybe you ppl dont have overwatch oh well..
    Well really know what else to put here sooo..
    Have a gud day \(● • ●)/
    I guess
    Oooh and you should follow my friends -(●°●)-
    Tuxedo chicken
    • ✨Preston Goodplay✨[ Ɩąཞཞყ ɬɧɛ ʟѧṃƿ ] [ camp camp fangirl/fanboy ] [waiting for ✨valentines day but I’m lonely so nothing really ✨] •

    I have more but I'm lazy so just check who I follow!!! ●~●

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