• Hello!
    I'm Blast-Boy and am a superhero.Blast-Boy is also my main OC.His secret identity is Nicolas, so you can call me that, or Nico.Nicolas, Nico, Blast-Boy, I don't care...
    (Nico is my fave)
    Other OCs I have are the Flaming Fury, the Cluck, S.M.I.L.E.R., who is a robot pillow, Skull Assasin, and Agent Miles.
    Also, zomborgs are a minion of mine.

    MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS(this isn't important, you can ignore it.)

    Blast-Boy______________________________________________________Nicolas____________________________Flaming Fury_______________________________the Cluck
    power:extreme water pistol, analysis visor, strategic analysis__power:inventing____________________power:fireball, full-body flame immersion__power:rooster battle suit
    other:main character, ME!______________________________________other:likes pizza, built S.M.I.L.E.R.__other:my arch-enemy_______________________other:Blast-Boy's sidekick
    secret identity:Nico____________________________________________secret identity:Blast-Boy____________secret identity:Maj. Burns___________________secret identity:Nathan

    Nathan__________________S.M.I.L.E.R. (Stimulated Mandatory Inertial Likely Response)___Skull Assassin____________________________________Agent Miles
    age:12___________________age:2 months__________________________________________________age:2(but acts as a 12 year old)__________________age:38
    power:athletic____________power:speaks (only) German__________________________________power:arm cannon, intimidation, perfect recall___power:sharpshoot
    sexuality:straight_________sexuality:none________________________________________________sexuality:not yet__________________________________sexuality:straight
    other:Nico's best friend___other:is Blast-Boy's pet_______________________________________other:IS a good guy_______________________________other:big ego
    secret identity:the Cluck__secret identity:none___________________________________________secret identity:not yet_____________________________secret identity:unknown...

    Age:depends on which one
    sexuality:depends on which one
    other:are zombie-like
    secret identity:none

    ABOUT ME!!!(this IS sorta important)

    I draw male, human characters mostly, but I'm open to challenges!
    My hobbies include: reading, LEGO, drawing (obviously), watching YouTube, JavaScript programing, and theorizing!
    My favorite YouTubers include, but are not limited to:Seamus Gorman, Puffin Forest, Brent Rivera, and SomethingElseYT, and TonyVToons.
    My favorite bands are: Fall out boy, Panic! at the disco, Imagine dragons, and Two door cinema club.
    I am a boy.
    I am 13 years old.
    I am straight.
    I was born in California, but recently moved to Oregon. I am very American. (If I ever talk like I'm British or something, I'm just having fun.)
    I have nothing against LGBTQ+(or any other minorities), I simply do not want to misrepresent or offend any such minorities, which is why most characters I create are straight, white, male, etc.
    Feel free to request anything you want!
    (The only thing I absolutely won't draw is porn)

    I am currently:
    Online, unless I am offline <
    Offline, unless I am online

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