I am the stupid loser........Lily animates •^•


  • Hi my name is Lily animates I had
    another account Lily_the_pirate_fox... I like fnaf and yandere simulator
    Fav YouTubers Kubz Scouts Bijju Mike Laurenzside and of course.... YANDERE DEV
    Lily girl
    C. Lily girl
    Lime girl
    Shadow girl
    Dave boy
    David boy
    Cutie girl
    Sweetie girl
    Cherry girl has crush on Ink Wolfie's oc
    Penny girl
    Sugar girl
    Denise girl
    Garrett boy
    Lemon boy is engaged to Echo
    Loxy girl
    Max boy
    Katie girl ghost
    Roxy girl
    Lonnie girl
    Smilely girl
    Midori Gurin girl
    All single pringles
    My b day is August 19

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