Wendigo ghost gal (the apprentices of kitty torm)


  • Hi my name is wendigo ghost gal but you can call me wendigo and I am going to tell you about me self and my Favoret youtuber is named *isscat*

    Favoret color:brown pink purple black white blue

    Favoret games:mincraft undertale

    Eyes color:brown

    Gender:oh like hell your knowing

    Were I born:you do not wanna know

    Favoret animal:cats dogs birds alihetors snakes (poison)

    Favoret food: sanids

    How strong am i:really strong really

    Drawings I am really good on paper

    Favoret thing:making:candls:sharp things:water:glass stashus:playing games:cande:lieying in bed:drawing :snow glaves:anime:

    And fuck of MandC

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