Twilight (3rr0rt4l3)


  • Oof

    My little sister-blue
    My new boss- Ash (black leader)
    Likes to meet new ppl
    Got hurt in the past



    When I was young my mother and father said I would grow to be a beautiful and kind person...but when they..... #13@ I was broken...I was forced to work with a man I didn't know, and if I didn't do or follow a rule I would be beaten. 8 years pasted and I'm now 17... I was forced to work with him at the age of 6 way after I found out I had a little sister.

    While I was checking the tabs black leader signed for a meeting with my boss and when she arrived, I was bought as if I was a toy. When I arrived to my new "home" she treated me as if I was family to her, she said she had a sister but she doesn't want me near her.

    She got a lot closer to me. And I hear her say "she's just a servant" over and over... And when she talks about me her soul, turns red..?

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