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  • Hello, my name is Mandy, I’m the creator of this account, duh -_-
    Here’s a lil info ‘bout me and Tyler!

    Creator Info
    Name: Mandy
    Nickname: Mother (Tyler’s nickname for her, at least)
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    Likes: art, fruits, rainbows cos yes
    Dislikes: fUcKiNg PeDoEs WiTh ThEm UgLy AsS mUsTaChEs

    Tyler’s Info
    Name: Tiana
    Nickname: Tyler/Dumpling (Mandy’s nickname for her)
    Sexuality: Demi-sexual
    Likes: Mandy’s hoodies (their just like mother and daughter, Mandy and Tyler), sneaking cookies from the cookie jar in da middle of da night
    Dislikes: school (don’t we all?)

    Mah Original Characters!
    Irene 1-12-19 Age: 19 Gender: Girl (single)
    Callie 1-17-19 Age: 16 Gender: Girl (single)

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