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  • Hello!Call me nick! (Oc name) I'm a purple cat and I'm friends with Smilekitten23! (Check her out!) So yes if anyone cares I post every few days do you can comment what you people want me to draw/animate even animation meme dances! (You can add the music too!) So have fun I guess! __Silents the purple bunny_ is also frenn!! Or more ;3
    Likes:friends, family, drawing, food and things that r not spoopy
    Nonlikes:spoopy stuff and bullies
    Fav food:All the pasta ._.
    Btw I'm taken __Silents the purple bunny _ Is bae and she is adorable :3
    Nick(main oc)
    Likes: his sister,his girlfriend Silents, his friends, being very protective of people he cares about
    Things afraid of: Being alone, the dark, losing freinds
    Info:has a twin sister named Nikol,has very cute girlfriend named Silents(❤☆_Silents the purple bunny_❤☆ check her out ;3) is Very protective over his friends
    And has one eye the other is an illusion it comes and goes
    Likes:Her brother, being cute and she's also very protective over friends
    Dislikes: the dark, her lost eye(they both have one eye)
    Info:has one eye , is lonely, has a twin brother

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