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  • This is a question for everyone. Make sure to comment on one of my animes. .3.

    Q: R U g@y
    Q: Do U have a crush on someone?
    Q: Do u know deh weh? :T
    Q: Do u have a bully?
    Q: Do u say bad words!? (No good m'kay?)
    Q: Do u know you have a secret Admire yet?
    Q: Did u break up with someone :(?!

    If you have anymore questions, say: :U (And if u need to ask me, just lemme know!) But u gotta make sure u not g@y, But make sure u have a crush on someone, dis important, u have to listen...Do u know deh weh? Make sure no bullies. If u have any trouble, Juat be brave! And ask me for more! :3 If u use a bad laungue, U won't go to where u want to go! And if u have a Secret Admire, Or u like or have a crush on someone! Ask me what u gonna need for advice :D! But breaking up with someone is the same thing as...Umm...What that called? Oh yeah, Cheating on! Example, not really, But if u see me play roblox robloxian highschool, lots of boys would like me. Username: Kawaiilillu. In robloxian highschool, my name would be Lil Kawaii! Alot of people like me. I don't know what go say! do u know? Well, if u want, just help me with advice! Thx xD!

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