• sabela/bela | 11 | questioning | she/her


    i'll probably post things about
    the good place, sailor moon, stranger things, hamilton, mlp, it and more!


    things im thinking about posting next time:
    •meet the artist
    •maybe ocs idk


    .•°some facts abt me°•.
    im a sagittarius
    my birthday is on december 7, which is pearl harbour day and its basically another version of 9/11.
    im 5"3
    i live in california


    tumblr~ byelery-mood
    i post stranger things, it, love simon, my art, & etc. on there c:

    yt~ unhappy
    type in shibi bels in the search bar, you'll find it prolly :"0
    idk what to post there yet thoe i mean i have 1 video but that was from 2 am when i couldnt sleep so i mean ????

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