• Name:Red 

    Likes:Snakes,Hoodies,Draw,Get Drunk, 

    Don't Likes:Christmas,Easter eggs,be tide,Be bored,Tape on mouth :/ (yea that happens to me ;v; 

    Crush:[idk what to put here :7 but yeee ]
    Bf/Gf:[Im about to tell someone if we could—...]

    I’m bisexual
    My god why— ;-;
(・_・)っ ∅ (●owo●)
(っ / 

    Some Fun Fact:I not easy to fall in love and does stuff and I have been heartbroken even if I like someone :”3
Drawings about:About thing and thing and more things 

    Fav(s) Song(s):The other side of the paradise by: Glass animals And The other one its..Pork soda by:Glass animals 

 . ┌┐
      / /
    ./ / i
    |  OwO <banana
    |(ノi  |)
    |  i  i
      U" U
    Some apps I use:
    Discord:RedMaple477 #6727
    Tik Tok:rednasa ||just started on that app so yea;w; or my old old account fire.fenix

    And yea :V lazy to put more

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