• Name:Red
    Likes:Hentai and Alcohol
    Don't like:Hugs :0 And IDK
    Drawings about:The story's are not so long soooo...... (owo)
    Crush: (NO ONE :"D CRUEL WORLD!!)
    Ahem I'm a little ummmmm......... .----. jealous kekeke
    Word that I never say:I love you (-^- I'm a weird Boy)
    Fav(s) Song(s):The other side of the paradise by: Glass animals And The other one its......NVM!!! ^_^
    (\_ -^-_/)
    Fav food:ohhhhhh I Uhhh think um.........Marshmallows :3 Ya can it them so it's food eh? eh?
    I'm bad at this things>:3

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