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  • How tf am I still improving when I haven’t even become a year older-

    qUoTEs FrOM StarSet YesSs
    “Who are you to change this world?
    Silly boy.
    No one needs to hear your words.” - Carnivore/Starset

    “I was free. But sooner or later though, you always have to wake up.”
    “The Na'vi say, that every person is born twice. The second time, is when you earn your place among the people...forever.”
    Current Status://JOE JAYSON REMIX OF IM ONLY HUMAN IS LITTT-//Online//Still Cold af rn idk why since it’s warm//THiN aS a FUcKInG TWIG-//

    Eyyyyyyy 20+ followers we made a lil milestone (/.D.)/ *~*~*~*

    Hello there!

    I'm interested in dinosaurs and a beginner in animation. Any tips would be fine for improving my art and animation! ^^

    I've had 2 old accounts so far. The first one I lost, the second one I shut down.

    But I'm back up again, new and improved! :,>

    Anyway, feel free to follow me! \(.D.)/

    Yes, I am a girl in both my main oc and myself. :>

    An Axolosaurus is a mix of Axolotl and Utah raptor. This is a hybrid species that I’ve made.

    I do have a YT channel called Mask the Utahraptor, but I’ll most likely change that to Cordelia the Axolo-raptor or Axolosaurus later.

    My favorite type of flower is the blue primrose, for [coughs //up flower petals] reasons.. {It means the sentiment of not being able to live without a partner usually coming with young love. It means love and youth pretty much, you can tell why I picked this if you read the last part of this description.}

    My favorite songs are Empty by Jaiden Animations and Boyinaband as well as - Cold by Maroon 5 - Bottle by Inkyz - Panic Room by Au/Ra and: - Nym by Phlux, because [cough] these songs fit both my main Oc’s backstory and myself irl. (✿ ̄∇ ̄)

    I LOVEEEEEE to make my characters as dinosaurs/hybrid dinosaurs, even if it’s not their only form, which is the case with my Axolotl hahaaaaaaaa.. X,D

    I also love to make my characters look cute but really tainted at times as well. :>

    If you even made it this far imma reveal a lil’ 2 things-

    I’ve got a crush on Jiro.. My MaiN SeCRet HaS BeeN exSpoSeD-
    A quote from a song for my love <3: “Anything that is beautiful—people want to break, and you are beautiful, I’m afraid..”

    I’m only 10 irl—


    And fav quote cuz why not :/
    “I’m only human after all.”
    (Actually from a song you can tell which one easily when you search it up and REEEE the song is LiT-)
    Another quote but from Mar the Shmello:
    “Life is tough. It’s hard for some people to handle. But it’ll be okay. Nothing is permanent. You deserve to life your life full of hope and happiness. Sometimes you can’t run away from your problems but that doesn’t mean they can’t be resolved. You are loved. You deserve to be happy.”

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