• Hello! It's me Blue Nightcore or you can call me blue :3 My old User is AsamiTube if you don't know who I am My YouTube: I am a Nightcore youtuber but sometimes I upload different kind of videos I hope you enjoy them! Shou: BlueNightcore ooVoo: BlueNightcore Mcpe (Minecraft Pocket Edition I am signed in to Xbox live btw) mcpe: KaleeChan My Nickname irl is kalee so yeah...Instagram: blue.nightcore I am from Japan and I want a English name and my parents just got me one XD My name in Japanese: Yuri,Aki And Yume Well I like these names but my real name is Aki Or Yuri Aki can mean Autumn And Yuri is Lily and these names can have different meanings my name means Lily And Autumn XD...Roblox:BlahBlahLuluBlah Q & A time!: Q: How old are you? A:11 Q:Do you have any siblings? A: yes I have a big brother he is 15 and a sister she is 13 and my bigger sister in college she is 22 or 23 Q:Are You Shy In school? A: Of course..I was since I was in 4th grade XD...Q: Are you good at math? A: Nope! Q: Do you have a crush irl? A: Uh...Yes He never know I like him His name is Kanen I guess that's how you spell it can't remember I met him when I was in 5th so yeah I just can't tell him I like him XD....Q: is it only you or some of your siblings is a artist? A: My sister is she is 13 she is a pretty good artist Last year Her Principle Let her have her own art room and my sister has the key no one else does she's the best artist Q: What do you Like? A: I like Animes,Drawings,Fnaf (of course I am a huge fan of fnaf since last year I listen to the songs so many times) And I like having fun with friends Q: Who is your bffs? A: Jocelyn,Adriana,Isabella,Hannah ( well I guess you can say she is my bff) Liza,Unique And Annie that's my bffs irl Q: How many languages can you speak? A: I can speak 3 languages Chinese,Japanese And English I'm working on Chinese still Q: how do you write your name Lily in Japanese? A: Um...This is how it write it リリー XD And I write Autumn like this 秋 It looks like Chinese a bit XD Q: What is your favorite Food? A:Sushi And Pizza XD Q:Who is your favorite Animator A:Rin Kagamine And Vixey Of Course XD Q: What hair color do u have A: Black Why? Q: Who is your favorite Nightcore youtuber? A: NightcoreReality She's the best And Zero.Miz-Kun I forgot how to spell his channel name XD I like my Nightcore XDDDDDD Q: Ok one last question Who would you choose to marry? Kanen Or Luchiano A: CAN YOU NOT USE THEM I LIKE THEM BOTHHHH AND HOW DO I TELL THEM IRL XDDD Luchiano is smart he will tell on anyone who says somethings Inappropriate...But Kanen don't really mind...I'll choose Kanen I really like him I'll do anything for him.. Ok so that's it for the q & a BYEEE

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