• Hello!Me name's Mewtwa!I am very bad at art but I want to improve!I'll try to upload at least once a week at school days and a lot on holidays!
    Some things about me:
    I am a girl
    I have depression
    I hate going outside
    I love drawing
    I love animals and that is the only reason I go outside at all.
    I have no friends
    I love cats,gaming,anime and the colour blue!
    Thxs for reading this although it was probably the most boring thing you've ever read... By the way...
    I love anime and I am a furry *~*

    My OCs: starlight,moondance,kat,mepho,dren,mewtwa and Kutie!(MEWTWA IS MY MAIN OC!)
    I'll make character files later.(i am too lazy!)

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