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  • Hola!Soy Keiti,i was kidding,i dont speak español,but i know alot of words,Btw,my name is actual name is probably wondering,why is my name is so so unique?Because keili is a korean name...Its translate to full name is keili mei..and its translate into cary not really a korean girl..i just made cary may into keili mei because i dont want my name to be teased...I make drawings....thats all i wanted to say...and p.s keiti is translated into yt channel is keiti kaes..Keiti Kaes is translated into katie kat...Because i see ALOT of Youtubers already have the name katie kat..In my yt channel i made im kinda like a minecraft fan...i made a fan art of favremysabre,if you dont know him,he is really a cool guy so go check him out!Okay thats all for now...Btw,have a lovely evening,morning or afternoon!!!

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