• Hello, im the creator for my
    Oc lizzi and an shy Oc echo.
    I haven't really showed echo to anyone yet and I dont plan to soon. Only when its the right time.
    Echo has no gender, yet, that I know of and the're a fox. But they also have a dark past that they dont like talking about. So I won't try to make them uncomfortable and I won't talk about it.
    Then I have lizzi, my main Oc and is about 15 years of age. She looks nothing like me but I still like her style. Although I do where big jackets and jeans like hers. She's able to float in the air but only for about 30 min to about 1 h before throwing up (mostly blood) because even when she isn't high in the air, the pressure, oxygen level, and gravity get messed up.

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