• QnA
    Q:Why the Lenny? A: Idk really
    Q:Crushes? A: ...
    Q:Dogs or kittens? A:PUPPIES!!!!!!!!
    Q:Oc names? A: But then this will be too long.
    Q: Do you like spam? A: NO
    Q: Icecream or cake? A: Icecream
    Q: Do you go on more things except AnimeMaker? A: Scratch: Undertalefan23 ROBLOX: Mangle22345 Animal jam: Jammer3zmdv CPR (Club penguin rewritten): Cutepunguin2 (I would have put Club penguin, but it already shut down)
    Q: Do you have a life? A: Yeah, it's great. You should get one. (BURNNNN except if your a fan or follow me then no burn)
    Q: Are you shy, or can you burn? A: I can burn alright. So don't mess with me.
    Q: Can you say a burn? (A fake one) A: Sure, when you spam, you also mess with a lot a people, and when you mess with a lot of people, you get reported, and when you get reported, you get banned, and when you get banned, you also get burned by the creators. (THAT WAS FAKE PLEASE DONT HATE ME)
    And that's it. You should know my gender by now. :p

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