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  • I am Fnaf trash .3.
    Also every other kind of trash.


    Well howdy!
    My name is Shade, and I am a trash FNAF OC!
    I ain't giving out any personal information because reasons.
    You wanna know my sempai?
    My sempai is ShadowTheKitty, and if you haven't followed her, you darn well follow her! She's an amazing person! :D
    I use a crap ton of emoticons.
    I LOVE to draw, paint, craft, you get the deal.
    I like FNAF. Enough said.
    My favorites games are FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's), BATIM (Bendy And The Ink Machine), Town Of Salem, Roblox, Minecraft, Animal Jam, Garry's Mod, Tattletail, and Terarria.
    Ok time for more:
    My friends are:
    EVERYONE! I prefer to be nice to everyone I meet here since I despise having enemies 0-0
    My crush is;
    You should know this, it's at the top of the profile! Shadow is my crush! And if you are mean to her than I shall summon the power of karma and bad things shall happen. >:3
    What do I like?
    I like cookiez, my sempai, my friends, when people enjoy my drawings, and much more!
    What do I hate?
    I'm not a fan of cake (please don't sue me), bullies, being in a lot of chaos, being in a bad situation, and when I lose friends.
    My OC's are:
    Ren (unidentified species)
    Shade (robot bear)
    Comet (winged wolf)
    Eli (TV wolf-thing)
    Farrow (cartoon sparrow)
    Buddy (cartoon dog)
    Biscuit (chocolate chip cookie dough dog)
    Bagel (space doggo)
    Star (griffin)
    Sol (winged wolf)
    Vinnie (bipedal wolf)
    Dusk (dragon)
    Red (robot fox)
    Blue (robot fox)
    Marbles (wolf, dragon, octopus, chicken, horse, dolphin, and eagle mashed together)
    And many, many, MANY more.
    Well that wraps up my profile!
    Have a good day ;3


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