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    This account will probably not be used as much anymore, but I might come on from time to time ;))

    hhhhhhhyouguysarethebestilysm!! :,DDD

    Can we make it to 300 followers? :D


    Q & A :

    Q- When did you join AnimeMaker?
    A- I joined on January 15th, 2017.

    Q- What is your gender?
    A- Surprisingly, I’m a girl irl. My sona, Shade, is male though.

    Q- How old are you?
    A- Im 14 years old irl.

    Q- Where do you live?
    A- oK STop

    Q- What is your real name?
    A- nO

    Q- Favorite animal?
    A- Dragons. rawr XD

    Q- Favorite color?
    A- All and every kind of blue!

    Q- Do you have any pets?
    A- Yup! I have two dogs, Millie and Memphis. Millie is a 6 y/o female Chocolate Lab, while Memphis is a 3 y/o Mutt (with a lil bit of hound -u-)

    Q- Favorite hobby?
    A- Take a wild fucking guess XD



    Fun Facts!

    - I play two instruments: the oboe and the tenor saxophone.
    - I have one younger sister.
    - My birthday is February 5th!
    - My favorite holiday is Halloween! spoopy
    - I like enclosed spaces??? Idk
    - Winter is my favorite season ,u,



    Favorite Foods: Chicken, Pizza, and Brussels Sprouts!

    Favorite Drinks: Diet Coke, and the tears of my enemies ;))

    Favorite Video Games: FNAF, Town of Salem, Overwatch, BATIM, and Pokémon.

    Favorite TV Shows: Spongebob, Camp Camp, and Rick & Morty! .v.

    Favorite Musicals: Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, Be More Chill, and Wicked.


    Main OC’S:


    Gender: Male
    Species: Bear
    Sexuality: Straight

    My main sona. He’s a little soft, but overall tries to be tough. Meme-lover, the representation of lazy. -u-
    Still crushes on Shadows even though he has no clue if she likes him anymore...


    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Sexuality: Bisexual, but more towards males.

    He’s brothers with Finley! :D
    They used to work at a lab together before the “incident” happened. He’s very lustful at times ;))


    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog (a Shiba-Husky mix!)
    Sexuality: Pansexual, not really looking for a relationship

    Warren’s brother! He’s the one normally dragging around Warren’s weight though. Kind of like a parent around his brother, but very timid and friendly around anything else.


    Gender: No gender, but they prefer the pronouns of He, Him, His, etc.
    Species: Wolf-Lizard-Dolphin-Octopus-Chicken-Horse hybrid??

    He was created in a lab (hint hint) by merging different animals together! Tons more like him. He doesn’t really speak much, as he isn’t very good at it. Kind of insane???


    Gender: Female
    Species: Wolf-Dog
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Another sona? This time it’s actually female XD She loves coffee, and is mostly quiet. She can get riled up when with friends though. Likes to be a single pringle ouo


    Gender: Once again no gender, but prefers to go by “He.”
    Species: Alien :00
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Spooky alien! Kind of looks like something from Stranger Things. He doesn’t talk, just makes weird screeching noises. Poor thing :,< He’s actually quite gentle and shy, even though he may not look it. Originally named by my friend, “Flowerface” (shortened to FF).


    Gender: Male (I have a lot of male OC’S XD)
    Species: Another bear!
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    One of my first sonas :,)) He originally was my sona on AnimeMaker. Used to be a ripoff of Golden Freddy from FNAF lol. Kind of loud, likes to try new things!


    That’s the end of my info page :,))

    My friends and followers here are truly awesome, even if they don’t fully know it. It really boosts my self esteem and confidence in myself! :D

    Please don’t mind the swearing, I can’t help it sometimes XD

    actuallyicanbecausethisistheinternetbutimjustlazy ;)))

    I use too many emoticons

    Ok that’s it bye!

    Hävė æ wøńdêrfūł dãÿ!


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