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    Hello! My name is TheGamerGirlKid im so
    happy i could DIE :0 but thats in the past! So i am NOT gonna die :D but maybe in the future we will die..BUT NATURE OF AWESOMENESS WILL SAVE YOU,welp,time to go back in time....cya there Brave Hearts! Oh and one more thing i need to say Come and join my future!!! So CYA there!...Poof! You
    guyz are in my Anime many animes and cool stuff that i could do but..for now on today i would be the nice girl in the world! So welcome to my Profile and Anime :3 *Blushes* many many AND MANY people liked my drawing!! Im so proud! Thats why i followed YOU guys!!! *cries of happiness* :') also my Birthday starts in September,13 SO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :3 also my bff is Snowy :3 SHE IS MY SUPER BEST FRIEND FOREVER :D also just call me Gamer for short. And how did snowy turn lightning? I'll give ya a story she was a fox before THEN BOOM shes lightning and her name is now LightningDaFox SHES STILL MY BFF. Also follow me and her. I will become one call away..i'll be there to save the day SUPERMAN got nothing. Lol thats it i dunno the full song. And bff is gone :( also i have a crush on DanThaFox....PLZ DONT TELL HIM!!!! Also i need to warn you I DIE FROM CUTENESS OVERLOAD I ALSO TURN KAWAII!!!! And my friend is leaving FOREVER i kinda miss her ALREADY....and please follow me in Roblox my name was TheGamerGirlKid Also in minecraft is TheGamerGirlKid. So yeah pls follow me or friend. Also i need to get 50 followers for a win FTW!!!! AND I HAVE A DARKSIDE. Also im 9 years old.

    Fav Food: Watermelons, Pizza, Chicken,
    Cherries, Strawberries, Tofu, Pudding.

    Fav color: Blue and pink.

    Bff(s): Samurai Moon Fox, Shadow teh kitteh//I cri evrytim with ink sans da skeleton .3.//notice me sempaiiii, ShadeTehBear//Is a derp//Likes cookies a lot//NOTICE MEH SEMPAII ;-;.

    Crush: Shamer

    Darkside name: ForcedGamer.

    Age: 9.

    ForcedGamer's Age: 7.

    My Youtube Name: TheGamer GirlKid

    Real name: Franceska.

    Last name: Masanque.

    Nickname: Gamer.

    Nickname in real life: Cheska.

    Nickname of ForcedGamer: Forcy.

    Nickname of Garold: Garry.

    Other darksides name: Garold.

    Fav show: The Loud House, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Tom and Jerry, Teen Titans, School Of Rock, Game Shakers, Steven Universe.

    Roblox username: TheGamerGirlKid.

    Minecraft username: TheGamerGirlKid.

    Born: Sept.13,2007.

    Garold's Age: 17.

    Powers: Dragon Type, Flying Type, Fire Type, Teleportation Type, Ghost Type, Underground Type. username: TheGamerGirlKid. username: TheGamerGirlKid. username: TheGamerGirlKid.

    Fav candy: Lollipops.

    Gender: Female.

    Fav superhero: Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Flash.

    Fav pokèmon: Eevee, Ivysaur, Pikachu, Oshawot, Larvitar, Goomy, Jolteon, Flarion, Espion, Raichu, Pichu, Squirtle, Deerling, Fennekin, Braixen.

    Likes: Being evil sometimes, Looking at Dan, Anime.

    Dislike: No one noticing, Everyone offline, No one commenting, Dan not noticing, Dan and Shamer fighting.

    Insane name: Insane Gamer.

    Mood: Happy, Sad, Angry.

    Personality: Helps people somtimes, Kills if mad.

    Weakness: Water, Sadness.

    FaceBook username: Franceska Janine

    Quote: Hi!! (Laughs) Hi! Im Gamer! (Bitch)

    Sister's name: BonBonDXY12

    Sister's Age: 8.

    Sister's name in real life: Louise.

    Sister's last name: Masanque.

    Sister's crush in real life: Marcus.

    Sister's crush: None :3!

    My crush in real life: none.

    Object Show name: Object Winner.

    Fav animal: Pig, Hamster.

    Fav song: Glad You Came, Pity Party, Mad Hatter, Cry Baby, Cant Stop The Feeling, The River, Whistle, No money, Closer, Die Young, All i want for Christmas is you, Once i was 7 years old, I hate you,I love you, Let me love you, Stressed out, Me,Myself,And I, Uptown Funk, Welcome to my house, Count on me, 24K Magic, The Lazy Song, Just The Way You Are, Watch me whip, Stronger Than You, The Missing Emoji Song, I got no time, September, Five nights at Freddy's 4 rap, Its been so long, Die in a fire, I cant fix you, Here Comes A Thought, Im Faded, Work From Home, The Weeknd, Titanium, Feel This Moment, The Story of My Life, Cartoon Heroes, You Spin my Head Right Round, Stamp on the ground, Dont Mine At Night, Last Friday Night, Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows, Punk Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows, Pompeii, Fancy, Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom, Its Raining Tacos, Dessert, Sidekick, Jumpshot, Twerk It Like Miley, Cant Sleep Love, Light Of Day, The Show, Illuminati Impossible, Counting Stars, Grow Up, Cold Water, Seventeen, Starships, Chained To The Rhythm, Bang Bang, We dont talk anymore, Heathens, Dont Let Me Down, Fancy, Still Alive, Peace and Love, Something Entirely New, Whats The Use Of Feeling Blue, Its Over Isnt It, Dont Let Me Down, Awake, This Is Our Time, Shout Out To My Ex, No more, Babs Seed, The Perfect Stallion, Hearts Strong as Horses, Find a Way, Twilight's Failure Song, Your Welcome, How Far I'll Go, Goodbye, Smoke and Mirrors, Dont Tattle On Me, Bendy and the Ink Machine Remix, Bath Rhymes.

    Fav Game: AnimeMaker, Minecraft, Rōblox,,, Five Nights At Freddy's.

    Screw name: Screwing Gamer.

    Fav Youtuber: DanTDM, PewDiePie, Ihascupquake, SamGladiator, Jerry Poo, Kavra, Markipler, Jacksepticeye, Jacknjellify, VanilaHamHam, Annoying Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Pasion Fruit, Grapefruit, Pencilmation Cartoons, WhoTheHeckIsStan, JT Machinima, Popularmmos, GamingWithJen, StampyLongNose, Iballisticsquid, AmyLee33, Joe, CaptanSparkelz, SkyDoesMinecraft, MondoMedia, InkGay, JessieAndMike, GoldBox, Sonic99rae, FRED, TomSka, MarlineAnimates.

    Spotify Username: Joylene Sanchez Masanque (THATS MY FREAKING MOM'S NAME)

    Fav Singer: Ben Schuller, DaGames, Adriana Figueroa.

    Clash Of Clans Username: TheGamerGirlKid.

    Instagram Username: TheGamerGirlKid.

    Q: When is your birthday?
    A: September 13, 2007.
    Q: Whats your Mother's name?
    A: Joylene.
    Q: Whats your Father's name?
    A: Jerro.
    Q: Where do you live?
    A: Philippines (i dont really speak tagalog).
    Q: What school?
    A: Marikina Christan Intergrated School (MCIS).
    Q: How many Languages do you speak?
    A: Tagalog, Japanese, Mostly English.
    Q: What grade?
    A: Grade 3 Gentle 'ω'.
    Q: Boy or Girl?
    A: Im a lesbian 'ω'
    Q: Do you mess things up?
    A: Yes ;^;..
    Q: Do you like waffles? |:D
    Q: whats your roblox name????
    A: TheGamerGirlKid its the same ALL NAMES ARE THE SAME!
    Q: How to draw like you?
    A: i dunno :3.
    Knock knock jokez

    Me: Knock knock
    You: who's there?
    Me: ya
    You: Ya who?
    Welp thats all! So goodbye brave hearts!
    No more Mama lyrics.

    Did i make a grave mistake?
    I dont know what to do.
    Heart is racing; whos she chasing? Is it me or you?

    Hush now, quiet!
    Close nearby, its
    Heading right this way.

    Piercing eyes and
    Fangs the size of
    Knife blades built to slay.

    (Dont hide from Mama, she knows where you are)

    Come on, hurry!
    Arent you worried?
    Mama's come to play!

    (Dont run from Mama! You wont get to far!)

    Palms are sweating,
    Brow is getting
    Damp with perspirant fear.
    Hands are shaking,
    Whys this taking so long?
    Mama's here!

    The pitter and patter of feet!
    You cannot elude me, my sweet!

    No, dont do this!
    Please pull through this!
    I cant charge you now...

    Whats that scrapping?
    No escaping!
    Must you be awkwardly loud?

    (All the children tried to hide, but Mama could be defied.)
    (Turn the page and hear the tale of Mama's talking Tattletail.)

    Terror, Trauma, No More Mama!
    Terror, Trauma, No More Mama!

    Terror, Trauma, No More Mama!
    (No more running.)
    Terror, Trauma, No More Mama!
    (Mama's coming!)

    I love that song so much okie bye.

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