% minthe is gud % (inactive but will check up in a couple days!~)


  • - Inactive but will see you in a couple days!
    - I’m dead I guess
    - I play clarinet I’m a stinky nerd oofy
    Apps I’m on?:
    Pixel Gun 3D: if you try to copy and paste something on a username it turns to a question mark with a box so
    Question mark box EYE question mark box
    Roblox: GlitterLucky3737
    Discord: Venty.#9114
    AJPW: princessbeaitfulgirl


    Quotes oofy:
    Mother bear Liza - I wILL FUCKING FUCK HIM HoW DaRe hE- my poor baby
    Me - Super Moon??
    Rhythmic Paws - He humourously ate luscious Papaedas a Papaeda being a citric fruit from the citrus family tree.
    Jyrktx - Is she real? No. Do we want her to be? No. because if she was humanity would be doomed.
    D.M(friend irl): destroy dick December
    E.B(crush and best friend irl): Whoever is my secret Santa get me a dildo
    A.S: You squirted it all over me!(this sounded hella gay lmao-)

    Hi, I’m Minthe. I have no past. But a future.

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