•Sari• (Sorry I was born)


  • Hey I’m faith a eleven year old child I mostly draw stick man because I’m bad at drawing humans so y bye? :3 oh yeah I’m horrible at anime don’t judge me !
    Sari is a alien for
    Your information
    -.- •and does sari
    Sound like sorry?•
    Male Sari
    Alien (I think)
    Age: Unknown
    Place of birth:Unknown
    Female Sari
    Birthday: Unknown
    Place of birth: Unknown
    A Dog
    My pet irl
    9 years old
    Lazy (like me)
    Loves kids
    Hates other dogs .
    Crush: Female sari
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Unknown
    Place of birth: Unknown
    Alien (100%)
    Brother/sis:joe, Leo
    Place of birth: Unknown
    Alien (100%)
    Friendly, funny
    Crush: ???
    Brothers: joe,Timmy
    Birthday: June 8
    Place of birth: Unknown
    I may not be the right person to talk to or whatever but I’m you Friend c:
    Forever >:) and I not gonna say anything about your life or problems I will listen too you forever no matter how old I will always be there when your upset but I’m not perfect I may look like I’m not listing but I am listing I may cry but I hope you do not cry with me I hope you have happiness more then me
    I am your friend .
    Some facts about me:
    I was born June 3rd 2007
    I’m adopted( not quite yet)
    My name is Faith (do not sing that song pls I’m begging you) I had 3 dogs 3 rabbits 2 fish in my lifetime I love to read when I’m bored I have 3 best friends summer,Jacob, and Kylie (my irl friends) I live in Virginia y that’s all you get !
    I am your friend , I will always be there when your down I will care for you more then myself I will give you my happiness even if it makes me down I will want you to be happy instead of me I will dream and hope we will both be strong but if you are not I will be strong for you I will give you the power I have and hope It
    does good I will cry but your tears are more important I will always be there for you even when I’m dead I will watch your steps and story like it’s the last thing I’ll do I will wish you a great day a good tomorrow even though I am not good I will listen to your problems I’ll take care of you like your my child I will hug you to make your day brighter I will always wish you a happy birthday even though mine is not celebrated I will hope your dreams come true even though mine don’t I will sing you songs made for you your friendship is my life and I want you to know that.

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