• Hello! Names blackstorm, and I've been here a a few months now! I try my hardest to be kind, I love food, and I love my boo scorch!!! I have so good friends, heres a list!!
    ~`` My friends ´´~
    Blue my dude UwU
    Willow nuggets UwU
    Fish finz boi UwU
    Chicken noodle soup ye UwU

    ~`` people me don't like ´´~
    Scorch :(
    ~``nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm-possible´´~
    .+` Blackstorm ´+.
    Perfers to be called: She/her
    Status: single pringle cus I can
    Specialts: Art, painting, writing
    Weak points: Math, being quiet

    ~``I'll be waiting...´´~

    Childhood: Raised with spilt parents, lived with a single mother and a single father. After two days we would switch with eachother, my father began dating my step mom today. My mother began dating my step-father, they got married. But since they were married, they decided to move. My father took us to Court. My mother got to keep us for school, and my father got to have us on holidays.
    Pre-teen: My sister has depression and is taking pills. I'll never forget the wailing sound she made. It made me realize no matter how much I showed her love, it wouldn't heal her. All I could do was sit by her in silence, holding hee hand while she cried. She is getting better now, and I came out to her as bi. Many problems are going on, me and my sister want to live with our father for school, but we still have to tell our mother. While yelling at my sister, my sister yelled wanted to move back. I went into her room sobbing with her, I laid there and held her hand. My step-father came in and screamed at us, talking about how he is a sooo disappointed in us and that we have to fight to move back with our dad... My brother took me to the side and told me "Blackstorm... When you were born.. There was a decision made between your father and our mother..."

    ~`` I just want things to go back to normal ´´~

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