~TheSibling’sAccount~(It’s a love-hate relationship.)


  • I’m starting over.

    From the top.

    Year account was created: 2018.

    ❤️Gf: Regen.💛
    Don’t even attempt to take her away from me, or else.

    The main 3:

    Dylan ((Dreamer)) Lee.
    Scott ((Soul)) Lee.
    Marshall ((Midnight)) Lee

    The secondary 3:

    Luke Smith.
    Shane ((Sunset)) Hernandez.
    Phillip ((Frost)) Wood.

    The Experiments:

    Yohan Hong.
    Glitch Baker.

    The Relatives:

    Naili Espada.
    Lenny Espada.
    Tiley Espada.
    Riley Espada. (Wait, huh¿?¿?)

    Our father:

    Damien Michel.
    The forgotten ones:

    Dark (I don’t know...)
    Galaxy Miller. (Galax is her emo twin brother ;w;)
    Galax Miller.
    They don’t have theme songs, I said I wasn’t going to be like you, don’t you listen?

    Dreamer: 24 ((Happy birthday, you two.))
    Soul: 25 ((They’re birthday is basically New Years. ;w;))
    Midnight: 30
    Luke: 18
    Sunset: 20
    Glitch: 26
    Yohan: 20
    Damien: 34
    Naili: 24
    Lenny: 24
    Tiley: 24
    Galaxy: 23
    Galax: 23
    Dark: 19


    Glitch X Axel ((Married))
    Yohan X Slash ((It’s a process))
    Frost X Slay ((Married))

    Okay, now that the important stuff is out the way...

    Damien X Rex
    Luke X Link.
    Sunset X Tashi.
    Riley X Hexic.
    Fear X Disorder.
    Moon X Naili
    DarkFlighter X Drakeneal
    Stardust X Sunstar
    Dark x Flare ((Just telling you now~))
    I know what you’re capable of, copying other people, lying, Etc. But you also don’t know what I’m capable of, and let me tell you that I will expose you so fast..so take this as a fair warning, attempt to take any of my ideas once more, and I’ll fucking call you out for it, you unoriginal little shit.

    Yeah, oi.

    I have Discord.


    Now, this goes out to a very ‘special’ someone.

    I will always remain on top, no matter what I do. Nothing you say could take my reign, my empire, down.


    Now, Brook.

    Where do I begin with you, love? Well, I could start off by saying I love you, but that would be slightly predictable given the fact that I’ve said to so many times already..

    I’m trying to think of new ideas, say something that hasn’t been said repeatedly already...

    I think I’ve got it...

    You’ve helped me through so much over the years, I’d probably kill myself if it weren’t for the fact that you exist.

    Once I get famous off of making a complete fool of myself, I’ll move us out of America, we could travel the world and be famous together, leave everything and everyone else behind and simply...go.

    You’ve helped me come to the conclusion that to get rid of the guilt that I still have on my shoulders, I should let some things go, and this app is definitely one of those things..

    You’re such a good person, and I’m sorry that you need to put up with such a negative soul like mine’s, but for some strange reason you’ve...found potential in me, and I thank you for that.

    I’m practically repeating myself from New Years Eve, but I’ve really spilt my heart out there, and I don’t really know what else to say but...

    I love you.

    That isn’t too bad, right?

    I love you has a good term, you’re honestly one of the first people I’ve met, who’s has a crush on me, and I haven’t made them into a puppet, you were different from the start, and it’s absolutely phenomenal.

    I might be an evil bitch, but at least I wouldn’t lie to you about jumping out a window. (Hahaha I’m funnY-)

    But in an all serious note, I love you. And thank you.

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