~TheSiblingsAccount~(He can’t wake up, this was all a dream)


  • I’m starting over.

    From the top.

    Year account was created: 2018.

    Just in case I wanna look back in the future......
    The main 3:

    Dreamer Lee.
    Soul Lee.
    Midnight Lee.

    The secondary 3:

    Luke Smith.
    Sunset Hernandez.
    Frost Wood.

    The Experiments:

    Yohan Hong.
    Glitch Baker.

    The Relatives:

    Naili Espada.
    Lenny Espada.
    Tiley Espada.

    Our father:

    Damien Michel.
    The parent;

    Jeremy Michel.

    And that’s all.
    They don’t have theme songs, I said I wasn’t going to be like you, don’t you listen?

    Dreamer: 24
    Soul: 23
    Midnight: 29
    Luke: 18
    Sunset: 20
    Frost: 19
    Glitch: eh
    Yohan: 20
    Damien: 34
    Jeremy: 46
    Naili: 24
    Lenny: 24
    Tiley: 24
    The Main 3:

    Midnight: Created by Damien, but destroyed by a diseased wolf.

    Soul: He killed himself because of his brother´s, (Dreamer´s) murder.

    Dreamer: Murdered in the street while doing his ~job~, Murderer is still unknown.
    Luke: Kidnapped by the elementary school shooter, who is again, unknown, the man choked and beat the young boy with a pistol. (gun)

    Sunset: He was ran over by the same person who beat Lucas to death, Sunset attempted to save Luke´s life.

    Frost: After his friend´s death, (Luke, Sunset), he got depressed and got the Hanahaki Disease (花吐き病 (Japanese); 하나하키병 (Korean); 花吐病 (Chinese))..

    he already had it, but the death of those two made it worse.

    He ended up dying on his kitchen floor, flowers and blood pouring out his mouth.
    Glitch: He was installed once a hacker snuck into the labortory, he secretly taught Glitch all about life, but once he was caught, the scientist printed Glitch out, then...hell...

    Yohan: His parents gave him away to an adoption home at birth, he was born with a face infection, but there was no cure..

    so after 1/2 years of being alone, Damien appeared, taking him away from the center and into the labortory...

    Lenny: May 1st...2010...Him and Tiley got into a huge argument about something that would seem so unimportant to many, but was deeply important to him...

    He wanted to change his name to something else..Kiley sounded like a female name, and he was a proud male..

    Lenny stormed into his room, pissed off, blinded by anger, so...Stardust saw this as his chance, he possessed the young boy...

    So Lenny walked downstairs and took his anger out on Naili..

    how? .......by beating/raping her :)
    Naili: ...
    Tiley: He didn't mean for this to happen...

    he didn't know that Lenny would get that angry....

    he didn't know that Naili would have to pay the price....

    The world that Damien grew up in was never filled of demons,supernatural beings, or dimensions..


    he world he was raised in was a fairly normal world for a half-black German person..

    until his 19th birthday...

    you see, Damien was the smartest kid in all of his schools, including college...

    so it wasn't a surprise when he got accepted to become a scientist for the government..

    but it WAS a surprise when they called on HIM to find the bodies of the 6 children who died on the EXACT same day...

    so first he flew off to New York to find Mid, Soul, and Dreamer...

    then off to Germany for Luke and Yohan, Texas for Sunset, and Spain for Frost.

    after that.....

    the weird, weirder, and weirdest started to happen.


    Damien observed as the scientist stuck this...essence.....inside of their necks, causing them to reincarnate...


    They......weren’t even that bad....normal tests...


    That changed for some reason...



    He couldn’t take it...

    So he threatened to speak out, but THEY didn’t like that...

    They dragged him into a room, killed his parents, then took out his eyes, throwing them on the floor as if they were nothing....


    They took his eyes...

    So he took their lives...~

    After the escape, it took some time for him and the kids to adapt...

    But....they did.

    And 2 months after the incident...

    They started calling him ‘dad’


    Best Friend(s):




    Chris. (BoomTown)

    My main one: ~


    Thank you for being there for me, and always know that I will always care about you, forever..


    Damien X Rex
    Luke X Link.
    Sunset X Tashi.
    Glitch X Axel.
    Riley X Hexic.
    Frost X Slay.
    Fear X Disorder.
    Brooke X Naili
    DarkFlighter X Drakeneal
    Stardust X Sunstar
    Main MAIN Ocs:

    Damien Michel

    Midnight Lee

    Soul Lee

    Dreamer Lee

    Luke Smith

    Yohan Hong
    but I love all of my Ocs.

    I can't wake up...

    is this all a dream?

    I just want to be seen..

    please someone notice me..

    All the good that I did for you..

    just to be displeased..

    I know that you hate me, but i'll let the past be..

    I want my ideas back....

    can you leave me be?

    you don't want my love..

    you don't need anything...

    I'm starting to feel guilty..

    what does all this mean?

    I want to be there for you..

    even through you won't be there for me....
    that was a mini-vent song......
    Bitte töte mich verdammt noch mal, Juwelen hasst mich, ich will mit Brooke zusammen sein, aber ich habe Angst vor meinen Eltern ...

    Secondary ships:
    Damien X Lorna.

    Let me say that again.

    Damien x LORNA.



    Lol, sorry, uhhh...yeah. That’s about it, bye bye.

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