Baldi The Teacher


  • Hi my name is baldi
    Im the one who started the baldi accounts.

    Im a math teacher but dont get answers wrong!
    Or ill spank you with my ruler.

    I hate being drawn original from that
    stupid real life boy.
    Those who'd follow me supports me but sometimes i feel like i dont deserve to be followed because im a bad guy...

    Some self.... cant say it.... I.....YOU ARE IDIOTS I.....I...mean.....I.....LET BALDI KILL HIM SELF I......I.....I...HE DOESN'T DESERVE FOLLOWERS

    Well....... i guess ....i ....i...have no more to

    (please don't copy my animations or drawing because I will find out and post it and tell your name Unless you put Inspired by "Baldi the teacher" thats ok with me.)

    -New Stuff added in my drawings
    ·Ears and Noses And detailing the clothes

    -Baldi now has a new look

    -10 week (70 days) Untill baldi Goes back to his old look

    -Ill be leaving this app for 3 weeks (21 days) starting in August 14 ;-;

    -Baldi will has hair emotions

    _________Where am I IRL (In real life)__



    (Dont Talk shit about me and my animes or animations)

    (And why are you reading this?)

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