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  • My life is horrible even from the start Now I have an attitude I tried to kill a boy at school but that's rude my mom works 2 job she works really hard but then she lost one and that was all growing up it was really rough I cut myself on the arm that's self harm people call me dinosour and Grirrafe you think that make me laugh just because I'm tall doesn't mean u have to make fun of me and all I got punch in the stomach by a boy it's like I'm treated like a baby toy my brother was a bully anyways my brother talked me to die and get rapped I tried to run away that day..But I'm still here I'm still living that tells it all I wanna do art I wanna go to art schools I wanna learn it all..And I like to rap one time my brother hit me with a bat my brother friend slammed me on the floor like I was a mat but this is my story's you know it all I like spaghetti and I like to ball my favorite color is blue it's really nice I know right I have 9 siblings I won't tell you all my mom works at hostspitals my dad was a tattoo artist but he stopped his job he's something eles that I don't know of but at least there still here some of them I don't love them at all....My name is half spanish but I won't give you details all I can say at the end is juan uan so thanks for reading well...I guess you know it all maybe not all but thanks for understanding

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