Jolteon the lycanroc


  • I post eeveelution and random eeveelution stuff. Information Name:Jolteon. Age:24(this is not my real age. Species:Pokémon. Favorite food: chicken fried steak. Favorite drink: Mountain Dew. Which Pokémon:Jolteon. Favorite dessert: Rocky Road ice cream. Gf:Sylveon. Enemy:Alolan Persian. My bud:Midnight lycanroc. My friend:gold(AKA)Sugersparks. My b-day: December 30 What I do when I'm offline. Watch YouTube. Sleep. Draw ideas. Relax. Organise my Pokemon cards. Make books. Sleep:. Sick:. At school:. Doing ma homeworkz:. On Gmail:. On YouTube:. Writing a story on Google docs: On Recolor: Looking up Batman stuff:

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