Batman (Tom)


  • I post eeveelution and and Batman or Eddsworld stuff! In the Eddsworld universe, I am basically a copy of Tom, but I wear black, my hair is black, and I'm a werewolf monster demon thing, and he is just a monster demon, with wolf ears..
    In the Pokemon universe, I am a Jolteon, I am a yellow wolf like creature of electricity, and I am just a regular werewolf. My lyrics in Eddsworld theme: Bruce! Black hoody! Gets mistaken for Tom! He's been given the nickname "The emo freak" and people make fun of him of being a geek. Watch out he is extremely fast, so watch out be cautious by this devilish flash Me: Oh shut up..
    *sings* I try to change the formality and everything about it. People killing people for a reason. You make mistakes you don't regret. So make a conclusion. #bringpeacenothate
    I close my eyes and believe that you are here. Wrong I have done. Please make it clear. Heaven will fall, as you hold him in your arms. Blood on our hands. We stand alone. I have crippling depression....

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