• Welcome to my acc! ^^

    Name: Veny
    Gender: Female
    Hobby: drawing
    Fav colour:blue
    Hair colour: brown and orange

    Bored <-- yep XD
    Not bored

    YT channel: Veny 07 :v

    Crush: Slushie >///<

    Like: um the nice person, ice cream, making meme, make fanart for some one and the other

    Unlike: the rude person, hater, person who like to bulling ppl , and the other think bad XD
    All Oc's:
    Veno-c: Xena
    Lynn-c: Wafflecake
    Aren-c: Ari
    Robin-c: Cyber
    Leaf-c: dunno
    Ace-c: single pringle
    Lenn-c: demon boy
    Zero-c: hollo
    Choco-c: single pringle

    Best Friend:
    everyone who like to let they time with meh~ UwU

    My followers lol XD

    Thank you for following mehh ❤❤❤

    I like to be your friend too!
    ♥ (> w <) ♥

    Wait last thing..
    Please be happy, be proud of yourself,
    because saying that you are horrible or “oh your art is better than mine” won’t make it better, it’ll get even worse; there are people in the world who love and care for you, you can’t live with depression or any stress like this forever, it just goes down even more. if you stay low you won’t get anywhere,
    N͟O͟T͟H͟I͟N͟G͟ will happen if you D͟͟O͟͟ N͟O͟T͟H͟I͟N͟G͟.
    But let me tell you one thing…
    I’ll be there for you, and to keep you positive and happy ;)
    And there are plenty of fish in the sea, go show what your proud of, and if you just started meeting someone, be happy for that, at least someone is there for you.
    Original By .:✨• Navii •✨ ;3

    Ok That's all from me for now, bai~

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