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  • Welcome to my acc! ^^

    Name: Veny
    Gender: Female
    Hobby: drawing
    Fav colour:blue
    Hair colour: brown and orange

    Bored <-- yep XD
    Not bored

    YT channel: Veny 07 :v

    Crush: slushie >///<

    Like: um the nice person, ice cream, making meme, make fanart for some one and the other

    Unlike: the rude person, hater, person who like to bulling ppl , and the other think bad XD
    Name: Veno
    Gender: Male
    (GS of me)

    Crush: Melody

    ^ )

    Like: Sweet and kinda Salty food, the nice person, the sweet person,noodles, girl :v and da other think good

    Unlike: bully, hater, person who like to begging to be followed, bitter food and the other think bad
    Name: Lynn
    Gender: Female

    Crush: WaffleCake

    Like: junk food, skateboard, headset, wafflecake, and adventure

    Unlike: hater, spoiled child, bitter food, annyoing ppl and other think annyoed her
    Best Friend:
    everyone who like to let they time with meh~ UwU

    My followers lol XD

    Thank you for following mehh ❤❤❤

    I like to be your friend too!
    ♥ (> w <) ♥

    Ok That's all of me for now bai~

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