• Hey!, call me Zila, I love art and kittens plz follow me and see my amazing post, My Q and A-:Q:grade-A:5th-Q:age-A:10-Q:animal-A:cat-Q:moive-A:i have lots of moives-Q:flavor-A:choclate-Q:snack-A:choclate-Q:fave thing-A:art-Q:crush-A:no one bye :()-Q:gender-A:pffft, naaaaah, im male__Shoooooooot.Gurlll, IM A FEMALE dont shu see?-Q:gay/lesbian-A:........-Q:food-A:pizza--------------- My actual name is. Umm its. E_____. Got it? I'm not gonna tell u twice. \_(°-°)_/.i love to draw lots of stuff and learning how to draw, im very nice, and i have leadership. And who ever eats my pizza will dddiiieee! Or be turned into a human prezil!. :) and ya, have fun! And love you all crafty'sz!:-P •∆• °^° °∆° ;) *-*________(/°<°)/ _|__|__|_ -*flip-all-these-tables!*---So some one came up to me and said/ your weird/and I was like, honey boo boo boo, u need to listen listen, calling me weird is a complement, and when you call me weird it makes me want to be even weirder *does a funny laughe*-❤

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