• Hi my diamonds I thought you guys would Won't to know a little more about me so here you go
    When did I join: October 9th 2016 the day before my birthday day :3
    Favorite games: fnaf and other games
    Favorite YouTuber: APHMAU :3
    I have ADHD
    Age:13/ almost 14 :3
    Favorite color: all of them
    Favorite animal: all of them except bears and sharks and algators
    Favorite anima: Pokémon and my favorite Pokémon is umbreon
    My porsonality: shy,brave,kind,happy,playful,careing,joyful
    Human selfs crush: demon the werewolf
    Wolf self: NarutaTheWarrior
    Real self: I'm lonely ;~;
    Currently: online :3
    If you won't to put one of my OCs in you animason sure you can just ask me first so I can see it and you can not keep the oc but you can use it / and I have a YouTube channel it is called Amber the robot wolf
    My OCs
    Cristal,grape,amber,zack,gem stone,baby opal,baby jack,Luna,Stella,lizzy,snow flake, Kate,Katie,and more
    And I love everyone around me and I love all my followers and who I follow and I think everyone is a good drawer and I will see you all later peace :3
    Oh and ps I love to role play and ship and make OCs and I am on all the time X3
    My bffs :3
    1.madie ( she awesome :3 )
    2.galaxy the star wolf ( awsome )
    3.i love wolfs ( awsome )
    4.Goldiecupcake ( awsome )
    5.luna ( awsome )
    6.firelight bronka ( she awesome :3 )
    7.moon light ( awesome )
    8.patches ( awsome )
    10.GolenFalcon / ;( she is not on any more
    11.stormy788 ( awsome )
    12.Angle the cat ( awsome )
    13:Jasminecookie :3 ( awsome )
    14.and more :3
    And I love them all so :3

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