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  • Hi we are Phantom fox and Mangle!!! and we really like making friends with everybody is a friend for
    me accept the three kids that broke me but that's fine we are friends now so don't be shy u can say stuff to me u can do anything really and the haters who are there they won't let me down I'll see it and I'll ignore it so please don't hate I just want to be friends so yea.... And sorry for my art I'm just not good at doing it on a tablet as u can see its really hard so please don't judge my art plz. And one more important thing I luv you all guys :D ❤❤❤❤<3. Bullying think your so cool? That kid you called fat he's on a diet that girl you just called horrible face she spends hours putting on makeup hoping people will like her.that old man with those horrible scars he fought for his country. That kid that your making fun of because he's bald he has cancer.you made fun of him his mother is dieng. That girl you tripped she's already abused enough! Plz repost this if ur against bullying ppl who care will♡♡♡♡ one thing , if our ocs are dating we are not in real life! Or maybe* Lenny face*
    I'm taken!.. I thought someone I love left I'm sorry! maybe some more stuff about me.I'm 10years old[irl] and I'm from Poland\Spain so my English isn't so well..... . kurwa kurwa kURWA Ja nie chce żyĆ I joined in 2018/07/04

    Hey this is PhantomFox!! I’m sharing accounts with mangle rn so :p

    Anyway please follow her she is amazing and I love her so much!! Okie bye!!!

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