• Hi! I'm Rainbow
    Love of my life: Nevahe
    I like naps and icecream mainly my Choco bars! I do lots of memes and need to do more collabs just tell me if you want me to draw you I'm willing to do that!

    Bella: I hate you all go away I'm18 and don't take none of y'all I'm bi and thats all u need to know!

    Brownie: I'm a country gal and I'm straight to the end

    I need friends tho

    Me: I'm finally happy... I'm odd... Nevaeh is senpai... I'm15 and most likely TAKEN......

    Lunar: Hi I'm Lunar I have feelings for Fizzy only! My evilness will reach her heart!

    Akki: I'm 12. I'm in love. I'm a devil with WINGSSSS. YA KNOW DEVILS DON'T FLYYYYYYYY. Not true. I'm lonely °w°

    Roblox: Kittyca103

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