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  • alexsandra:/hates: being called cute/crush: buddy/blushes easily/friends: nova/half wolf/fave youtubers: azzyland sssniperwolf aphmau inquisitormaster zachery aka inquisitors bf katzun wolfychu sweetoons shgrrr theodd1sout jaiden animations let me explain studios/can spawn magic blue dust wings to fly\magic is the water/gets scared easily/scaredy wolf|nova:crush: nina/cute/friends: Alexsandra
    /pet snake named lizzy/favorite color: purple/loves: animals and reptiles/favorite sweets: chocolate lollipop sucker white chocolate/sweet/age: 14
    |Coco~kun:crush:none/sister: nova/fave sweet: chocolet/age:15/fave person: his sis nova/caring|rainy day light: cute/crush: cloudy/cat/nice|thundernight:/crush: none/nice/super form/has wolf ears and tail at night/powers: flame rainbow dasher teleport thunder/chill

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