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  • I'm mostly on Amino so Follow me on there. My user name is Sama Senpai. Hopefully I can meet you there!
    Hello I'm a little girl who has a weird imagination, whom also loves art and animation. I actually might have many kinds of personalities, but I don't consider them different people. All I wish is that I can make art for the people who like my art.
    My profile:
    G:F | A:12 | Relationship status:None | S:Idk/Idc | Zodiac:♒
    Status: Waiting for Questions | Offline (x) Online (x) | Request: Closed (o) Open ()
    L: Chocolate, video games, music, and jokes
    DL:Art theives,MARY SUE, BUTTONS NEXT TO EACH OTHER, spammers, and flirting
    Melody Dave Lunanna Trip Zoe Carder Bon Rosea Spara Eye Toe Mai Mai Kia A Portal Lavender Jelly Butter Comic Peanut Caroline David Lilac Aaron Alex Michi Bian Code FireWall Aiko Gnome Child Milky Milko Sama Kun Fuyuko Green Tea Bullet and Chang
    IDC if you hate me cuz I don't mind being an ordinary user, but please have a reasonable answer for it.
    Closest online friends:
    ѕмσℓєєє вυи(Fun best friend), KaylaBanh(Artist and kind best friend),
    , Bolow up(Little best friend), ❤Queen Tato Tot❤(Sister like Best friend), and Jen the Wolffoxxo (Fun and kind best friend)

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