Mlp15’s oc’s


  • Red: 12, taken by fire, girl

    Widow: 12, single, girl, straight

    Nightmare: 12, taken by midnight, boy

    Midnight: 12, taken by nightmare, girl

    Katie: no age, single, girl, straight

    Sprinkles: 12, taken by Dennis, girl

    Me: no age, married to J-Chan21, girl

    Victim one: 12, single, gender less, sexualess

    Fnaf Chara: 12, Taken by Fnaf azzy, girl

    Red dragon: 12, taken by pink, straight

    Snowflake: 12, single, boy, gay

    Mystery: no age, single, no gender, pan

    Ghost cat: 12, single, girl, pan

    Cat: 12, single, girl, pan

    Ginger: 12, single, boy, gay

    Fire: 12, taken by red, boy, straight

    Arctic: 12, single, crush snowflake, boy, gay

    Candy: 12, taken by cotton, girl, straight

    Cotton: 12, taken by candy, boy, straight

    CottonCandy: 5, baby of cotton and candy, girl, ???

    AppleBloom: 8, single, girl, gay

    Boomer: 12, single, boy, straight

    Mint: 12, single, boy, gay

    Ruby: 12, girl, taken by diamond, gay

    Diamond: 12, transgender boy, taken by Ruby, gay

    Ruby: 12, girl, taken by diamond, gay

    Lulu: 12, girl, taken by justice, straight

    Pink dragon: 12, girl, taken by red dragon, straight

    Louie: 16, boy, taken by ?????, bi

    Discord: Frisk#7334

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