• Full name: Bagi Akabane Coro Sensei Von Isadora Karma (von karma for shorts)

    Age: unknown/ forgotten

    Favorite color: red and black

    Favorite anime: Tokyo ghoul

    Fears: God, angels, and the cross.

    Favorite food: its in an animation

    Loves: fle.. Hrm... Meat. Friends who actually understand. ALL the Creepypastas. Lurkers. Pocky.

    Hates: Anything holy for sad reasons..., Friends who betray you. Huma... Hrm... The wrong kind of people. THE GOVERNMENT!

    Gender : female

    Sexuality: straight

    OC'S: Moon shadow, Ms. Fnaf, Mr Ink machine, dark starlight, Kat, Kandy.

    I like to help anyone with any kind.of problem and when I mean any kind of problem , I mean ANY kind of problem. There are 2 or more things I want done in this world. I want the Slenderman to get along with Zalgo for once... They used to be like that.... Another thing I want done in this world is, for God and the Devil to make up.. If this war continues, there will be more depressing things in the world. Besides. Think of all the power combined between them. The last thing I want done, is for the government to stop killing magic. It can be very useful one at a point of time. Well that's me. If you read this whole thing you are lucky you aren't dead.....

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