young volcano


  • like, hush now.

    so this is my thing; no negativity allowed.

    keep in mind, this was all drawn on an effing iPhone. I haven’t done that b4 so hopefully this is adequate.

    gєт яєα∂у fσя ѕσмє fяєѕн ∂єρяєѕѕισи вяσ.

    ѕυ¢н ιѕ тнє ∂αиgєя σf вєιиg ʝυѕт тσσ ¢σσℓ.


    some facts:

    - my name jeff (Linzie)
    - 5’0 (????)
    - m’14
    - proud bassist
    - no it’s not easier than playing the guitar
    - deeply affected by the breakup of my chemical romance
    - TØP IS BACK ^^^
    - is a pan
    - no seriously
    - is also a girl obvi
    - 90s ah

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