• Hello My name is Hoodie and this is my account. I'm a werewolf. I love being kind to people :D. I have anxiety, asma, depression, a eating disorder, and more. AND I'M NOT EMO T-T. I love bubble tea and amine. And that's it ;-;
    Max: crush Solar/singel
    Julia: crush: Chris/singel
    Chris : crush: julia/singel
    Toby: crush: Neil cinnamon roll/singel
    Derby: crush: hoodie/ singel
    Austin: crush -///-... / singel
    Masky: taken
    Phoenix: taken
    Snake: crush: no one/ singel
    Shadow: crush: 0//0../single
    Smile: crush: idk/ singel
    Remember to check out all my friends :D they are the best and way better at drawing /animating then me ^v^ Thanks

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