Ash -rp name- yendere- is a demon and a cat °∆° °^° =√ Aka: Ashanime


  • Ash{©rush- Marco}
    GRRLS meme lyrics: I am the latest colors. I sing the newest songs I read all the lyrics so I can sing along! I am the latest colors I stand above my thrown waiting for a invite to never come along-repeat-
    Moon-lilas duaghter-$hes 7)
    I'm 11 {RL}
    Ray and May- bf and gf-
    Aidan (rl bf)
    Jackiela-bestie of may-
    Kitten- moons baby cat-
    Katie-my bestie-
    Cat <-----
    Demon- half and half-
    Insane <------ ¥€p
    Yendere highschool rp-
    Marco-senpai or budo-
    Ray and May-Osana(may) (Ray) Ryan -Ryan is my yendere o.c.-
    And now you know allllll. Bestie on this app -Veny70- Guys BTW I've changed my nameeee Lots I am Ashanime my original besties remember that name vwv DO NOT BULLY I SWEAR IF YOU DO I AM BLOCKING YOU!!!! >={/
    $∆rry !f ! @m n€^€r on I am missing some of my old besties like: LifeIsA_Dream... ={
    Here is a depressing song. Just an average girl. She always wore a smile she was cheerful and happy for a short while. But now I am older things are now colder life was hard and I knew it.

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