Tammy Donuts Aka .-'+*-.Beutifule Bob.-*+'-.


  • Xbox: TammyDonuts
    ROBLOX: AlexyTheSecond
    YouTube: Tammy Donuts
    If you giys have any sigestions or chrecters eatjer comment my videos or just send my an email!: @tamsterlps
    Use drawing tablet: No
    Use computer:No
    Use a phone: Yes
    Use finger:Yes
    Do I like to troll sometimes?: Yes :3
    Weird and random: Yes
    Stupid ina bad way: Soametimes
    Stupid ina good way: Yes
    My saying: Don't let the Sadness take over the Happyness, Let the Happyness take over the Sadness. :D
    Feeling: idk
    When lige gives you lemons they are sour so turn them to lemonade.

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