Gàłâxŷ thê dümb —3–


  • Hey I’m Galaxy •3• and I’m taken by star (wink’s oc). Here’s some info about meh:
    I am 18 (not irl ;-;)
    I like: COOKIES!
    I hate: PEANUT BUTTER!
    I will kill anyone who steals my: Oreos or digestives.

    Q. and A.

    Q: who is your crush?
    A: Star -//w\\-
    Q: do you like cookies?
    A: what type of question is that? ;P
    Q: you suck.
    A: okay and I don’t think that’s a question. ;-;
    Q: what if I steal star away from you?
    A: then I kill you.
    Q: what if you die?
    A: no one would care.
    Q: I hate you.
    A: okay T^T
    Q: can I beat you up?
    A: sure.....
    Q: what are you?
    A: piece of trash.
    Q: what type of half animal?
    A: Wolf.
    Q: can we stop?
    A: ya
    Q: one more question plz? ;>
    A: sure say it.
    Q: have you ever smashed >:P
    A: .//. N-no. But now you’re dead for asking that!

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