• Nothing for see bby ;3
    Hissssss c:< You're my candy and I want eat chu òwó
    -Hello Im Takomoon Im 15 and im from Spain. I like so much Draw and play with some one,
    Im here because I love draw and Have friends *Followers* I did this Profile because Irl i dont have so much friends.

    - My 1ST friend its Pink Pya -

    I love my friends So much <3 How...❤QueenTato❤,Kyle hhh IS waTchInG rPdR, Pink Pya, X123Monster Grim?? Nah Grims dead. It’s Monster now. ,Endergirl91.
    and MORE X3

    I like Sing, Draw and play :D I hate The school (Maybe). I have a dog named Star ^^- And i have a little brothers one have 11 and my little sis have 8. :3
    Im a GIRL so dont ask if im a boy or a girl <3 ¬_¬ bah nvm.

    -I love so much my bff Kyle <3 Hes a good person how Tato,Monster and Endergirl. .w. -Follow my friends!!!-
    *I have 1 Oc* -Wiliam: A little boy, he have 4 years old. -w- Mehhhhhhh, I like to be a cat for all >:3 % Follow me in Boceto!!! +ChocoCoffee, PetPet !! %

    Boii, when im bored i dont know what to do...But i have friends for talk (˵◕ ɛ ◕˵✿)
    How KyLE (❁ºั╰╯ºั )My BfF (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) Mew I want KISSES!!! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)

    (◡‿◡˶)...Well See ya (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)
    Hello my old friend.
    Hello my old frien.
    Hello my old frie.
    Hello my old fri.
    Hello my old fr.
    Hello my old f.
    Hello my old.
    Hello my ol.
    Hello my o.
    Hello my.
    Hello m.
    Hello m.
    Hello my.
    Hello my n.
    Hello my ne.
    Hello my new.
    Hello my new f.
    Hello my new fr.
    Hello my new fri.
    Hello my newfrie.
    Hello my new frien.
    Hello my new friend.

    (Why u read this?)
    ;ω; hehehe...

    ;-;...Im lonley.
    ;-;...Im fine
    ;-;...Ill be ok
    ;-;...Im a good friend
    (Ó—Ó)...Where are you?
    (QnQ)...Why u leave?
    (:C)...Dont leave me friend...

    Dont hate me or ill cry :'C...
    Im kidding x3...
    Bah i can cry...
    Nuuhh I never cry...wait...No...i cry when i was a little baby .w.
    Well idk what im saying
    sibdoslwvdofbsbqlspxbg psKv(#!3-€9"; @)@9 ???? ;3


    Online <---

    I can be a deer if u want, Itz mah fav animal >:'3 (if u dont like the animal dont see this)
    *Hisses* D o n t. T u c h. M y. F r i e n d s >:{...
    Weeeeelllp no.

    My B I G family ♥
    @Bendy Alice FNAF sl
    @Shiloh (A oc)
    @WolfyWoof :3
    @Star \my baby/ (Oc by missyfireball)
    -My little friend: missyfireball- :'D

    (( Q & A about me ))

    Q:Whos ur bff??
    A: Kyle

    Q:Do u have a crush???
    A: Idk rwr

    Q:Whats ur age???

    A: T

    Q:What do u like??
    A:Easy. All ;)

    Q:What do u hate?
    A:Haters. :')

    Q:Are you happy or sad?
    A:I don know

    Q:where are you from?
    A:Spain babe ;'3

    Q:Ur a boy or a girl?
    A: *Hisses* im a GURL >:'((((

    Q:Continue later??
    My fucking F a v game: assassins creed >:'3
    Mom:X123Monster™ {Grim}
    Mom/ Dad 2: ???

    my D I S C O R D: TamaraOwO#4337 (Hope ya like to join with me to chat, btw. im not a faking perv >:,v )
    F i n a l l y P h o n e F i x e d ♥

    Me: Now i can be a yandere UwU dont hateme about that :'(((. Well...uhm ill be a good yandere.
    Noone can tuch mah F r i e n d s or...ill kill the cake >:'cc im just kidding xD i think this going to be so long...ill STOP here .w. And ill continue later ;""3

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