• Hello! I like fortnite and bananas
    Life is like a video game jump on enough turtles and a woman suddenly loves you LIFE TIPS!!!!!!
    He is a cat person has a sister
    Spritz mainly human but has a half brother
    He is a dragon has a brother

    Nothing is known about red except he likes red a black
    And is old name is ryuu

    I hate people who poop on the floor
    I like people who can keel there bodily fluids In the toilet
    I like drawing furries and people
    I love stick people animations

    YEET the baby out da window
    Life tips
    If you draw emo wolf's you might be emo
    If you like tacos your probably cool
    Never shake a baby unless your in an argument with that baby then shake the crap out of it (jk)
    Never draw with charcoal pencils
    Never spank it on Christmas
    Don't kiss the bathroom floor
    Don't drink trash can juice or you might die
    Never get a gf until 8th grade
    If you wanna die eat a brownie
    Don't touch an animal's butt
    If you don't like coolade don't be in a mass suicide
    Don't step on a Lego
    If a girl asks you if a dress makes her butt fat say "no it makes it huge"
    If your a guy 5 dollars isn't worth it
    Don't get pregnant unless you want a baby
    Don't turn off your suns xbox when he's playing fortnite or he might spank it on top of the dinner table
    Eat pant it yum yum
    If your white don't get dreads you look like a failed rapper
    White is a shade of racism
    To beat or not to beat
    Don't spank a monkey because someone's gonna get the wrong idea
    Never drink eggnog on your knees
    Try deepthroating a popsicle it's pleasent*face palm
    Don't be non binary unless you want a pijiness
    A furry is not a gender
    The calamity skin is not a porno
    Scare crows don't have genders
    Minecraft people are non binary
    Vomminting is popping out of your mouth
    Dont date someone whose psycho or they'll slash ur tires
    Fortnite is a drug
    If you like coffee your a drug addict
    Dont order a book unless you know there is no hentai in the cover
    Never look at a anime foldable
    Dont hub unless incognito tab
    Dont search up anime on YouTube unless you like hentai
    Dont search up hentai
    Loli is a disease
    Gay guys are nice
    Chickens fart out hard kids
    Ketchup is tomato guts
    Dont brush your teeth at work
    Dont poop on the walls
    Listen to all these tips
    If your friend watches hentai dont get on there iPad
    Watching a belle delphine video makes everyone uncomfortable
    If you can make a genuine oof noise consider working for roblox
    The best way to protect your house is to put a naked grandma in there according to family fued
    He will find someone like you
    I need help
    Team rocket in pokemon figured out how to make inflatable boobs
    Lynx is thicc
    Auto correct is stupid
    Dont walk into a glass door
    That's all
    Fork in garbage disposal
    Saying things wrong
    Travis make em wait fo it
    Bring the beat in
    Spooky scary skeletons
    Hurricane catrina
    And last but not least fre sh av ac ado
    Stuffz About Me
    I like blue but my favorite combo is black red
    My favorite race is strawberry
    My gender is chewy chips ahoy
    My sexuality is chewiest chips ahoy
    My relation ship status is none of ur bis

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