Magikarp Prince


  • Hello Magikarp Prince here :D

    I’m actually a girl irl :P

    Funfact: Space doggo was my very last anime on my very first account. Thats why I kept posting
    Space Doggo drawings on each account OwO
    Any drama?: Not yet
    Love?: Eh
    Crush?: no
    Drawing skills?: Eh
    Favorite animal?: Seals
    Least favorite animals?: LAwN MOWERS
    Furry?: Yes but I have no fursuit
    Youtube rewind?: HISSSSsSsSsSSSS
    Favorite animator?: Noobified/im gay, Odds1out, Lazii
    Alive?: Eh
    In love?: I am a single pringle
    Thoughts on love?: ew.
    Wants to be married?: nO
    Wants kids?: Eh
    Animation?: Eh
    What animation app do you use?: FlipAClip
    Hobbies?: Food
    What is your favorite food?: oh boy give me more space
    School?: HISSSSSssSsssS
    Fetishes?: Used to. Actually 2. One was suffering, bleeding, torture, vomiting, etc. Other one was.... a no no
    Why don’t you use emojis?: Because they keep deleting my bio everytime and I will never trust them anymore
    Belief in after life?: Yes
    Thoughts on life?: I need more space
    Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi
    Cat or Dog?: KiTtY DoG
    Any kittydog oc’s?: wasn’t interested
    Edgy?: If I have a mental breakdown plz ingore me
    Thoughts on drama?: I enjoy drama. Just think its rude to to enjoy so I am shy :P
    How do you cheer up people?: I am too shy to even do that





    Ok bye

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